Lab Members

Current Lab Members:

Theresa Venello (PhD student):

Theresa is a fourth year PhD student from New Jersey, USA. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Marine Science from The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey. She then traveled to the UK to complete my Master’s degree in Marine Biology from the University of Plymouth. Her main research interests involve zooplankton ecology, food web ecology, and assessing changes in zooplankton diversity. Currently, her project within the Dower lab focuses on the creation of zooplankton functional groups from the southern shelf region off the west coast of Vancouver Island and analyzing changes in functional group diversity from 1980 to present. Additionally, she spent a considerable amount of time the first three years of her PhD at sea aboard the CCGS John P. Tully collecting crustacean zooplankton production rate data.

Garth Covernton (PhD student):
Garth conducts research on microplastics in the marine environment. He is specifically interested in methods for detecting and quantifying microplastics, microplastic ingestion by fish and invertebrates, and in the food web dynamics and ecological implications of microplastic ingestion by marine animals. Garth is also strongly influences by community and stress ecology and is broadly interested in the influences of anthropogenic stressors on marine ecological communities. He also enjoys data analysis and figure making in R and is continually discovering how many things he still doesn’t know about statistics.

Matt Miller (PhD student): Matt studies pteropods (tiny planktonic snails) and the potential impact that ocean acidification is having on them. To do this work he collects plankton samples and water chemistry data on oceanographic research cruises in the NE Pacific, in collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

Pandora Gibb (MSc student)

Chrissy Schellenberg (MSc student): In collaboration with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Chrissy is currently setting up an experimental ocean acidification (OA) laboratory to be tested on marine fish species. She will specifically look at how OA impacts fish cardio-respiratory performance and behaviour. Her studies will also aim to quantify the physiological impacts of OA in a multi-stressor context that includes thermal stress and low oxygen concentrations.

Lab Alumni:

Emma Pascoe: MSc (2018)

Lu Guan: PhD (2015)

Dan Bevan: MSc (2014)

Karyn Suchy: PhD (2014)

Mei Sato (with Kunze): PhD (2013)

Christina Simkanin: PhD (2013)

Jennifer Provencher: MSc (2010)

Kendra Meier: BSc-Honours (2010)

Shani Rousseau: MSc (2009)

Jennifer Tyler: MSc (2008)

Rob Ronconi: PhD (2008)

Kelly Young: MSc (2008)

Rana El-Sabaawi: PhD (2008)

Martina Beck: BSc-Honours (2008)

Akash Sastri: PhD (2007)

Janis Lloyd: BSc-Honours (2006)

Sarah Dudas: PhD (2005)

Gwang-Cheon Kim : MSc  (2005)

Kandace Parker: BSc-Honours (2005)

Tom Bird: MSc (2004)

Rob Campbell: PhD (2003)

Palmira Boutillier: BSc-Honours (2003)

Tarun Nayar: MSc (2001)

Ashleen Downes: MSc (2001)

Yin Chang: BSc-Honours (2001)

Greg Norton: BSc-Honours (2001)

Ashleen Downes: BSc-Honours (2000)

Kirsten Fleming: BSc-Honours (2000)